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  • 120V
  • 120V
  • 120V

Model 120V Van Trailers are based on our successful and well proven 720 Platform trailers. They have a heavy duty galvanised steel chasis with a waterproof, lightweight glassfibre body.

Plated at 750Kg gross weight the trailer has a carrying capacity of nearly half a ton and does not require overrun brakes, however, the trailer and its load must weigh less than half the weight of the towing vehicle.

The floor is 18mm non-slip phenol coated plywood and the sides are protected inside by hardwood timber tying rails and the front by steel bulkhead rails.

A lockable lift up rear door is supported by gas springs. It allows a clear access and offers weather protection during loading.

Standard equipment includes full road lights, load securing rings, front prop stand, a spare wheel and rubber side protection strips.

Trailer weight and capacity (kg)
Gross weight Unladen weight Capacity  
750 260 490  
Overall dimensions (mm)
Length Width Height  
3200 1360 1830  
Internal dimensions (mm)
Length Width Height Platform Height
2050 1150 1200 500
Additional information
Tyre size Tow ball height    
16.5x5.5-8 400    



Even with the high standard of our trailers, maintenance is still important just like on your car.

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