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Long-Term Business

Bateson was established in 1934, we have produced many thousands of trailers for all purposes and we are now one of the larger manufacturers in the UK. Our design experience, having produced possibly every type of trailer, has allowed us to develop a range of approximately 100 standard models to suit most applications. All trailers combine exceptional strength with a low unladen weight and excellent stable towing characteristics.

We are constantly developing new models and designs with particular regard to weight distribution, towing vehicle loads and towing capacities, in order to improve safety and comply with ever more complex regulations. There are certain trailers that we will not produce if we feel that they cannot be operated safely or legally.

Bateson Trailers NZ

Out entire range of trailers are manufactured in the UK for New Zealand. They come as standard with tie down rails and multivolt LED lights.



Horse Float

Our design experience utilising the latest durable materials has enabled us to produce a stylish range of horse trailers, which combine a low unladen weight, exceptional strength, good...

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