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Hydraulic Tip Trailer Range

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202H 8'x5' 2 Ton Hydraulic Tipping Trailer

Model 202H has a capicity of approximatley 1.5 tons and has a manual tipping pump. It is the largest model that will tip quickly and efficently by hand and saves the expense and potential technical problems of electric tipping.

It is used mainly for light building...

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263H 10' x 5'10" 2.6Ton Hydraulic Tipping Trailer

263H and the larger 353H have a 12v electric hydraulic tip, either from a battery on the trailer or via a heavy duty two pin plug and socket to the vehicle battery. This trailer is suitable for use with pick up trucks and similar vehicles with a 2600kg towing capicity.


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3353H 10'x 6'6" 3.5Ton Hydraulic Tipping Trailer

353H is our largest tipping trailer, At the legal maximum 3500kg it has a good capicity. The 10 feet long body, 6 feet 6 inches wide is very stable when tipped and does not put too much load on the back of the trailer, lifting the towing vehicle, It is not advisable to have a...

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Even with the high standard of our trailers, maintenance is still important just like on your car.



General Purpose

This range of general purpose trailers has been designed to offer maximum strength with a low unladen weight, combined with modern appearance and safe, stable towing characteristics.

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